This Week With Huzoor
This Week With Huzoor - 25 February 2022
0h 33m
25 Feb 22
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) presides over two virtual Mulaqats with Nasirat and Lajna members from Germany. In addition, Huzoor (aba) met with Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK delegation before departing for a Tabligh trip to Argentina. In the Friday Sermon he speaks on Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). 0:00 - Intro. 1:!7 - Mulaqat with Khuddam UK delegation before departing for Argentina. 2:44 - Introduction of Mulaqat with Nasirat from Germany. 3:04 - Would Jama’at literature be available in Braille? 4:20 - How can a person learn wisdom, in order to make wise decisions? 7:34 - How can one pass through difficult time and regain their faith? 10:17 - What Nazms does Huzoor (aba) like and frequently listen to? 11:20 - Can we greet people according to their traditions or would that be considered shirk? 13:12 - Why did the Lahori Jama’at separate themselves from us? 19:10 - When the Holy Prophet (sa) received divine revelation, he (sa) would begin to sweat, why was it so and did the Promised Messiah (as) experience similar condition? 21:34 - Introduction of Mulaqat with Lajna members from Germany. 21:49 - Can any allegation be levelled against Islam or be criticised? 25:57 - What can we do to develop humbleness and meekness? 26:58 - Why are atrocities inflicted upon Ahmadis? 29:57 - What can we do in response to the cartoons published against the Holy Prophet (sa)? 31:51 - Concluding remarks of Mulaqat with Lajna from Germany. 32:10 - Friday Sermon Clip - Request for prayers regarding current Russia-Ukraine condition.
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