This Week With Huzoor
This Week With Huzoor - 27th May 2022
0h 15m
27 May 22
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) delivered the concluding address at the 43rd Majlis Shura of UK Jama’at. In addition, Huzoor (aba) inspected the reconstruction of the Baitul Futuh Mosque redevelopment project. In the Friday Sermon Huzoor (aba) spoke regarding the truth essence of Khilafat Day. 0:00 - Intro. 0:57 - Introduction of concluding address at the Majlis Shura of UK Jama’at. 1:25 - Highlights from Huzoor (aba)'s address. 10:12 - Huzoor (aba) inspected the progress of Baitul Futuh redevelopment project. 11:51 - Friday Sermon Clip 27 May 2022.
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