This Week With Huzoor
This Week With Huzoor - 14 October 2022
0h 48m
14 Oct 22
Exclusive coverage of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad's tour of the USA, as he inaugurates a new Mosque in Fort Worth, USA, holds meetings with a number of dignitaries and guests, a blessed Bai'at Ceremony, Waqfe Nau and Waqifaat-e-Nau classes and dozens of Mulaqaats with Ahmadi Muslims. 0:00 - Intro 1:57 - Huzoor travels to Fort Worth to inaugurate Bait-ul-Qayyum Mosque. 3:28 - Huzoor presides over a Mulaqaat with Fort Worth Jama’at members. 4:00 - Conversation with Secretary Talim-ul-Qur’an. 5:05 - Conversation with Secretary Tabligh. 5:36 - Huzoor’s concluding remarks of the Mulaqaat. 6:45 - Huzoor grants meeting to Congressman Michael McCaul. 8:40 - Despite all the persecution, how does Huzoor keep Ahmadis in Pakistan steadfast? 10:08 - Inaugural reception Bait-ul-Ikram Mosque; Guests Speeches. 11:30 - Huzoor (aba)’s speech at Inaugural Reception. 13:59 - Guests remarks after the Inaugural Reception. 15:07 - Huzoor’s departure from Dallas and arrival at Maryland. 18:30 - Huzoor inspects guest house and inaugurates Sira-e-Khidmat. 19:08 - Meeting with Hajia Alima Mahama, Ambassador of Ghana to the USA. 22:11 - Huzoor held Mulaqaat with recent converts to Ahmadiyyat. 24:06 - Conversation with Chris Myers, who expresses to covert to Ahmadiyyat. 24:28 - Huzoor presides over Bai’at ceremony. 25:44 - Emotional Ahmadis share their sentiments after Bait ceremony. 27:40 - Meeting with Sidique Abou-Bakr Was, Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the USA. 28:55 - Meeting with Dr. Shobana Shankar, Professor at State University of New York. 30:13 - Meeting with Mr. Saikou Ceesay, Embassy of The Gambia to the USA. 30:22 - Huzoor inspects MTA Teleport. 30:28 - Intro to Mulaqat with Waqifaat-e-Nau in Silverspring, Maryland. 30:41 - Huzoor advising Waqifaat-e-Nau. 32:12 - How does Huzoor envision the world will change due to Ukraine & Russia war? 33:58 - What are Huzoor’s sentiments when he departs a country after a tour? 35:04 - What is the significance of an olive tree mentioned in the Qur’an? 36:51 - Is there such a thing as coincidence or is everything a will of God? 38:44 - What is the correct way of performing Istikhara? 40:40 - Intro to Mulaqat with Waqfe Nau in Silverspring, Maryland. 40:48 - What area can USA Ahmadis improve in? 41:28 - How did Huzoor keep a strong relationship with Khilafat? 42:41 - If Allah has already written our fate then why should we still strive hard for our ambitions and goals? 44:23 - How does Huzoor feel about the USA tour and what did he like the best so far? 45:13 - What guidance does Huzoor have for those Ahmadis who weren’t able to meet him? 47:00 - Friday Sermon Clip 14 October 2022.
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