This Week With Huzoor - 20 August 2021
0h 37m
20 Aug 21

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) presides over two virtual mulaqats with Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Denmark and Majlis Ansarullah Holland.

In the Friday Sermon he speaks on Hazrat Umar (ra).


1:50 - How we can integrate our children in society?

4:42 - Is there a need for governments to enact blasphemy law in western countries?

8:05 - Will the western powers ever target the Jama’at and will Jihad be permissible for Ahmadis in certain circumstances?

13:49 - What are rights of men from their wives?

19:16 - Why does the western media targets Islam?

23:25 - Huzoor’s concluding remarks.

25:17 - Intructions given by Huzoor (aba) to Qaid Taleem.

27:36 - Huzoor’s affectionate comment with two elders.

29:10 - How to respond to those who do not encourage Ansar Amila members?

31:52 - How should we respond to those Amila members who do not respond to Talim test?

34:30 - Clip from the Friday Sermon.


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