Mulaqat with Khuddam
Huzoor's Mulaqat With Khuddam Students - London Region, UK - 4th September 2021
0h 55m
4 Sep 21
A mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Khuddam students from London Region, UK. Recorded on September 4, 2021. Q1: How can Khuddam brothers encourage each other to remain close to Jamaat and obedient to Khilafat? Q2: During the plague Allah promised the Promised Messiah (as) that He will protect him and everyone in his household, will this promise be for present and future calamities faced by this world? Q3: How can one attain true and permanent love for the Holy Prophet(saw)? Q4: I constantly pray for my spiritual advancement but the next day I do not feel any progress. Could yo please guide me, how can I improve myself? Q5: What would Huzoor's advice be for young Ahmadis who are about to live out to study at university? Q6: If you were to give one unequivocal proof for the truth of Ahmadiyyat, what would it be? Q7: Nowadays politics both domestic and foreign is plagued by double standards and injustice. How would an Ahmadi politician deal with such issues and what policies do you think must be prioritised to save this world? Q8: Many people are worried about climate change recently. What is Islam's take on climate change and is there any advice for people at home? Q9: How can we protect ourselves from the bad impact of social media? Q10: It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that Allah has created seven heavens. Why has Allah created seven heavens? Q11: I wish to study business and banking. Is this an advisable profession or is there any better career to follow? Q12: I will be going to study medicine next week and I wish to be a life devotee inshAllah. What is Huzoor's advice in this regard? Q13: How can one balance the time given to Jamaat and the time given to study? Q14: How can we show Khuddam the importance and benefits of giving chanda? Q15: Some say doing social activities after Isha prayer is not permissible and some say it is. What is Huzoor's advice regarding this?
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