Mulaqat with Khuddam
Huzoor's Mulaqat With Khuddam Students - Canada - 23rd October 2021
0h 58m
23 Oct 21
A mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Khuddam students from Western Canada. Recorded on October 23, 2021. Q1: It has been observed that students of graduate are not paying chanda according to the prescribed rate. Beloved Huzoor how can we address this problem and motivate them to pay chanda according to their income? Q2: We all know by moral code like killing someone or stealing something is a sin , similarly as an Ahmadi Muslim we also know that we must fast when we are healthy and perform our prayers. If we miss these things or not regular is it also considered a similar sin? Q3: Sometimes we hear some people saying negative things against office bearers or against Nizam-e-Jamaat, what should we do in this scenario? Q4: In this country and similar ones religion is a very sensitive topic and people do not want to talk about it, how can we approach non-Ahmadis and teach them about Islam? Q5: During this pandemic there has been a great change in our lives, some positive things also happened like the opportunity to meet Huzoor in classes such as this one. When does Huzoor think that we can have personal mulaqaat again? Q6: Sometimes we see an office bearer holding a strong opinion against decision after that decision has already been made by the collective, for example in an Amila meeting, what is Huzoor's guidance in this situation? Q7: What is beloved Huzoor's guidance for students who are newly married and completing their studies, how can one balance married life while studying at the same time? Q8: There have been many negative sentiments in the public including amongst Jamaat members and others regarding the covid vaccine, some Jamaat members who are office bearers are also not vaccinated. Dear Huzoor what is your advice for these people, how can we encourage them to follow government's guidelines? Q9: There is a prophecy that states the sun will rise from the West, dear Huzoor my question is that what is the time frame of this happening and what are responsibilities in this regard as Ahmadi Muslims? Q10: In western countries most of the businesses and other aspects of life have a connection with interest like banking and insurance systems, how can we avoid this situation? Q11: In the Jamat there has always been a focus on producing doctors and lawyers, however we have seen the technological advancement happening and how the world is discharging. what is your recommendation for some other fields or skills sets Ahmadi students should pursue. In other words, do you see a different need for Jamat in the future?
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