Mulaqat - Lajna
Huzoor's Mulaqat With Arab Ahmadis - 12th December 2021
12 Dec 21
A mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Lajna Arab Ahmadis from Canada. Recorded on December 12, 2021. Q1. In my son's school other Muslim children who lead namaz and want our children to pray behind them, when our children refuse then they criticize Ahmadiyyat. Our children get embarrassed in such situations. What can they do? Q2: Children do not have the courage to talk? Q3: Is Satan a different creation and if Allah creates then God forbid He spreads evil? Q4: Is Satan just inside a man and has no existence? Q5: Does Huzoor help in house chores specially in cooking and what does Huzoor make the best? Q6: Can we take part in peaceful protests? Q7: A family doctor in Egypt asked me if I take vitamin D and I said I do. She said you guys are more deficient in vitamin D due to your hijab. How can Allah's injunction affect our health? Q8: Did Huzoor have a dream about Covid or any sign? Q9: If we cannot concentrate in namaz, can we offer again? Q10: Children who are between three and ten, how can we tell them that namaz is not a burden but a source of peace? Q11: My son is eleven years old and daughter is three. They both offer prayers with us. My daughter does not do ablution and my son complains that I do not ask her to do ablution and he has to do it? Q12: Can young boys and girls play together in school? Q13: Can we join a gym? Q14: My mother could not be part of today's mulaqat as she is in the hospital and Huzoor also prayed for her health. She has never met Huzoor. My father passed away in 2012 and my mother wants to live closer to Khilafat and be Huzoor's servant. I want to request Huzoor for prayers a present her wish in front of you. Q15: What qualities should the wife of a murabbi have? Q16: Can Ahmadi children study in a Catholic school as they had a question in a religious exam about the name of God? Q17: Huzoor said that Catholic schools are better than government schools. I did not understand this, please explain?
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