Mulaqat with Khuddam
Huzoor's Mulaqat With Khuddam Students - Nigeria - 9th January 2022
0h 54m
9 Jan 22
A mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Khuddam students from Nigeria. Recorded on January 9, 2022. Q1: Some of our members indulge in social vices, in order to save Jamaat reputation, is it the best option to punish them, excommunicate them from Jamaat or try as much as possible to correct them? Q2: Some Ahmadi parents do not allow their children to get married to those Ahmadi children whose parents are not Ahmadis. Huzoor what is your advice for such parents? Q3: How can we keep our members motivated towards AMSA activities despite some challenges and some immoral acts which are becoming rampant in our society? Q4: I want to ask for the guidelines for Ahmadi students in using social media? Q5: In Nigeria we have members who have learnt technological knowledge rather than indulging in illegal cyber activities, but they are struggling to make their ends meet. What guidance and prayer do you have for such members to excel in their chosen path? Q6: How can we preach to someone who is not ready to listen to us? Q7: How can we balance enjoying life in school and religious activities? Q8: The problem with most students like us is the lack of consistency, either in religion or in education. I would love to know how can we keep up in being consistent in seeking knowledge? Q9: As students without a job, how can we go about fulfilling our national obligation of Jamaat?
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