Ramadhan For Kids
Protecting God’s Words - Ramadan Stories For Kids
20 Feb 24
Today, we bring you a heart-warming story of devotion, wisdom, and the protection of sacred words - the story of how Angel Jibreel revised the Qur'an with the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (sa). The Holy Prophet (sa), chosen by Allah to receive the crucial message of the Qur'an, learned how to read from Angel Jibreel. But the story doesn't end there! Join us in discovering how the Qur'an, a book of guidance and light, has been preserved through a beautiful process of revision. As we reflect on this story, especially during Ramadan, let's cherish the beauty of the Qur'an. Let it inspire us to learn, read, and treasure the wisdom it holds. Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and Angel Jibreel, let's strive to memorize the Qur'an and keep its teachings safe in our hearts!
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