A Day in My Life in Islamabad | Father & Son's Ramadan Experience
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We followed the heartwarming journey of Murabbi Ayyaz Mahmood and his son, Eqaan, a 12 year old student, as they shared with us their story of a typical day in Islamabad during the joyous month of Ramadan both as a father and a son. From sharing pre-dawn Suhoor meals to eagerly awaiting the iftar at sunset, witness the beautiful bond between father and son as they cherish every moment of the Ramadan experience together, from expressing their gratitude for the blessings of being in the company of Beloved Huzoor (aba) and the comforting presence of Masjid Mubarak just a few steps away from their home. Discover the special role of family traditions and the shared joy of reading the Holy Quran during Ramadan, as they celebrate the spirit of togetherness and love that defines this sacred time.
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