Question And Answer Session - 7th June 1998
7 Jun 98
Part 2 of a Question and Answer session with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (ra) with English speaking friends. Recorded on June 7, 1998. Questions: If one chooses to convert to Islam, do they have to change their name to Islamic name? 0:01 In Surah Al-Lahab does the meaning only apply to Abu Lahab and his wife or does it apply to the whole world. Can you elaborate on this? 2:51 Did Jesus die on the cross or not? The Quran says he did not die on the cross I want clarifications on this? 4:20 Why do Ahmadis believe that the Holy Prophet saw was not the last prophet? 11:01 Why are Muslims not allowed to be cremated? 12:19 As man advances in terms of technology. Does this help or hinder his spiritual well being? 15:34 All the natural disasters occurring worldwide, such as earthquakes, global warming and climate change. Does this signify the start a major change for the human race? 17:00 This person has no faith or religion. Once he dreamt of our Prophet saw and once he dreamt of Baghwan. Sometimes he believes that there is a God but sometimes he says God doesn’t exist. He was convinced that it was the Holy Prophet saw although no photographs are available. Can you please provide some guidance for this person who is undecided in matters of faith? 18:44 The early Muslims were caught or gripped by the fear of not repeating mistakes of earlier religions whose holy books were diluted and some would even say tampered with. However, when this fear turns paranoia the religion in this case Islam becomes fossilised and unable to cope with the time. What is the balance that Islam should strike between not repeating the mistake of other religions and that of the urgent demands to tolerate and progress with the time? 22:18 The moon has great significance in Islam. What does Huzoor think of the scientific experiments involving the moon, for example exploring or colonising the moon? 30:00 We are usually invited to take part in Christmas celebrations at school. How far can we celebrate with our Christian friends? 32:20 Why are the doors of hell and the Satan’s chained in the month of Ramadhan? 34:21 Is there any mention in the Holy Quran or the hadith to say that the Holy Prophet saw his Miraj or journey to heaven was in soul only or was it soul and body? 36:13 Why do non-Ahmadi Muslims call us non-Muslims? 41:23 At around midnight the sea becomes quiet and there are no sound of waves. Can Huzoor give an explanation for this occurrence? 45:20
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