Question And Answer Session
Question And Answer Session- Part 2
1h 13m
25 Feb 96
Q. What is the proof of the unity and existence of Allah Ta'ala? Prophets are the main proof of existence of Allah because nobody except them knows that whatever are they saying is truth or not. Also he remains stable on his belief, no matter ho many sufferings he has to stand. Q. How can we confirm out that Mirza Sahib was truthful in his claim of prophet? What were the issues that he wanted to address for which he had to claim prophet hood? It was the need created by Allah to send someone to take charge when the nation was being dispersed into several sects and everybody was claiming to be truthful. Because human disagreements are very natural and they all can not agree to one logical point. So Allah send someone in that society who has to sacrifice too much and this becomes the sign of his truthfulness. This all comes true on Hadhrat Mirza Sahib. Q. Even after facing so many hardships, why doesn't Jama'at Ahmadiyya protest against it? (Question by an Indian) We do not make it an issue especially in India. Because we know that India and Pakistan are rival countries and this can become a political issue. We are protesting only in the case of Pakistan where we are being persecuted by the Govt. itself by making it a part of legislation. Q. It is said in Quran and Hadith that Huzoor (saw) is the last prophet then how can we believe in Mirza Sahib. Arabs use this word Khatam for the perfection and excellence like Kahatam ush Shora. According to Ulema's point of view, not only prophet hood will be terminated but also the piety. Huzoor mentioned the saying of Huzoor (saw) about Hadhrat Ali in this regard. Huzoor then analyzed the viewpoint of Ulemas and discussed the all possible options of Jesus being still alive and his coming back and the status of Huzoor (saw) in this regard. Then Huzoor made it clear through a verse of Surah Nisa where the arrival of prophets in Islam is mentioned. Also he discussed the Hadith regarding Messiah whom Prophet Q. Is that any prophecy about Mirza Sahib which tells about the specific time of his arrival and also reveals the geographical location? Quran tells about renewal of Islam which is strengthened by Hadith in which the geographical location is also mentioned and time is also specified. According to the verse Prophet Mohammad (saw) was sent among those who were illiterate and he as a prophet recited His verses to them and purified them. He will again arrive among others who have not yet joined them yet. When Sahaba enquired about those people, Huzoor painted the condition of Islam in those days and pointed out that he will be a non Arab. Q It's a common belief that at the time of Promised Messiah a Dajjal will come who will have such long ears and there will be an ass that will eat fire. etc Huzoor explained the question that the ass of Dajjal would be that huge that passengers would be able to sit into this etc. So these all new inventions are the signs of the truthfulness of this Hadiths. These all new means of transport have invented by Dajjal i.e. western nations Q. The message of Prophet Mohammad was limited in the Makki life but he popularized it in Medina. I do not believe in this. If a religion spreads like this i.e. by sword and power then there is no factuality in this kind of religion. Religions are respectable if people accept it with the power of argument not by sword. Islam was not spread by the power of state or sword. Q. If Allah Always goes with the nature. So why Jesus born without a father? Huzoor said birth without father is not against nature. Because the beginning of life is also without man, it only depended upon woman. Also in some animals hermaphrodites are present in which a male partner is not required. Thus it is not an unnatural incident. Instead we can call it an unusual happening.
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