Liqa Maal Arab
Liqa Maal Arab 6th Dec 1994
NaNh NaNm
6 Dec 94

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 12 Q. Huzur is asked what the right jihad is A. Huzur says that he will answer with reference to the world today. Huzur says that t is not only the Muslims where jihad exists, jihad type wars exist in other countries. For example Burma, for a long time a jihad for Government has been going on causing constant bloodshed and continual misery. Also in Libeon, Huzur says these fights are everywhere and that there should be distinctions between the fights against Government, and the jihad which exist in Islam. Huzur also refers to Sri Lanka and the Punjab in India, the results of all of these holy wars is the large number of people who have been tortured, or who have been imprisoned, the countries say that these wars are an Islamic jihad. Huzur says that these people are hiding under the cloak of Islamic jihad; there is no religious persecution in any of these cases. This is a fundamental requirement of jihad which has been laid down in the Holy Qur’an. Huzur refers to the Qur’anic verse which lists the requirements of entering a jihad. If war happens according to these conditions then it is the reasonability of Allah to make them victorious. The injunction by the Holy Prophet(saw) that one should go up to the oppressor and tell him what he is doing wrong, then the leaders would be miserable with everyone coming up to them and telling him what he is doing wrong, and it is very powerful approach. If one has a difference of opinion regarding faith and religion then one does not have to follow the laws of the Government, then jihad can start to be applied. Huzur invites those relevant to study the history of Islam; the greatest of Muslim empires came to an end due to their constant jihads and their constant taking Allah’s name in vain. Huzur says everyone has the obligation to participate in the laws and rules of the country, as long as it co insides with the laws written out in the Holy Qur’an. 

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