Liqa Maal Arab
Liqa Maal Arab 18th July 1995
NaNh NaNm
18 Jul 95

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 64 Huzur is asked what a ‘Hadith al Kutsie’ is Huzur says that technically ‘Hadith al Kutsie’ is a Hadith which is reported by the Holy Prophet(saw) but which is not clearly written in the Holy Qur’an but it is a message from Allah. The Holy Prophet(saw) is reporting weather it be in the Holy Qur’an or not, but practically speaking everything from God is the same. So if it be in the Holy Qur’an or not it is still all from God, and the only thing to be decided with regards to the Hadith is weather or not it is the actual word of the Holy Prophet(saw). People ask why do we need another Imam Mahdi, but this is the justification which Huzur gives, that if the Holy Prophet(saw) needs additional guidance through ‘Hadith al Kutsie’ then obviously so do those who follow. Huzur is asked who is Satan or Sha’tan Huzur says that Sha’tan has been used in two different contexts, firstly to be a person of some sort of possibly a fiery nature. The other is human nature which has an element of Sha’tan in it; these have been understood from the study of the Holy Qur’an. With reference to a person people ask if it is a person with who can round around with normal people, or is it someone who wrongly guides people. Huzur says that it is all different systems controlled by something which we can not see but controls through different dimensions. Sha’tan does not demonstrate the same qualities as us. Angles never leave the path they have been set by Allah; they can not obey the divine word of Allah. Satan can not obey the divine word of Allah, but he does not do it directly, he has taken permission to disobey until the end of world. There are numberless amount of angels and we only know the head of each group, and so God has given us a choice of weather we chose to follow satanic example or angelic example. Another view on Satan is that as angelic behaviour is in our nature so is satanic behaviour. When we were created we all had a natural pull towards God, but it is the worst in man which main gain the upper hand, and these forces from within may come out. We have to have inner satanic forces which in turn come out sometimes through behaviour; Satan can not affect us from the outside if we did not have satanic forces from within. To do good has the upper hand, and so those who do wrong naturally go against their conscience. The Holy Prophet(saw) said that every man has Satan running through him, someone asked that even the Holy Prophet(saw)? The Holy Prophet(saw) said yes, but may Satan has become Muslim. Satan is the head of the satanic department, and when they become personified they become Iblis. Satanic forces descend on people like angels descend on people, but it is written in the Holy Qur’an that Satans (there is more than one) can only descend on people who have a platform for Satans to land. People who have a platform are habitual liars, and criminals. Huzur is asked where do satans live? Huzur says that if the questioner tells Huzur where the angels live, then Huzur would say that this is where satans live, they occupy the same space. The Holy Prophet(saw) said that the earth of heaven is as big as the whole universe, and so people asked where is hell? The Holy Prophet(saw) said that it would be in the same area, but yet there would be no connection between them. Huzur is asked did Satan speak to Iblis directly or through revelation. Huzur says that God does not speak; God is everywhere and does not need to speak as we understand it. 

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