Liqa Maal Arab
Liqa Maal Arab 19th  July 1995
NaNh NaNm
19 Jul 95

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 65 Huzur is asked if it an honour when God spoke to Satan Huzur says that when God addresses the people of hell, is it then an honour for those people? Huzur is asked how Satan can influence so many people when he is one Huzur says that he has already answered that question previously, Huzur previously said that Satan is not one but there are many Satans who all the time are infiltrating ones weaknesses and encouraging one to do wrong. Also there are Satans within oneself which is ones own conscience. Huzur is asked who Satan’s tribe are Huzur says that Satans tribe are those who follow him, and all those smaller Satans who work under him. Huzur is asked who Satan’s offspring are. Huzur says that it is not literal blood relative but it is those who began to spread, in the beginning there not many people and so more Satans were multiplied in some way, which Huzur does not know, to cope with the growing number of people. Huzur also refers to bacteria; bacteria multiply not through marriage but through atmospheric means. There is no female and male bacterium, they are all the same but yet they still managed to multiply. Bacteria are also Satan and are also the food for Jinn, as they rot the bone and the body. Anything which can not be seen with the naked eye is Jinn. Huzur is asked what does it meaning that Satan can see you from where you can not see him Huzur says that like bacteria, bacteria can see you and attack you even though you can not see it and when they get you you realise it is too late. Huzur is asked what it means to speak to Satan Huzur says that dialogue should not be taken literally, ancient events are sometimes written informs of dialogue when it is known that no persons were present. For example, it is written that God asked man a question and all man replied that yes You are our Lord, man had not yet been born and so this is written with reference to the future and is not to be taken that the event has already passed. Huzur refers to when Hadhrat Adam(as) was created and God told the angels to prostrate to him, Satan refused and said that he born out of fire which is superior to Hadhrat Adam(as) who has been created out of mud, Huzur thinks that’s this is a blueprint to Satans nature. Satan was created to test man and was not an accident as Christians believe, as man was born so was mans enemy. Huzur says that as soon as Hadhrat Adam(as) and Eve displeased Allah then their Jana was lost. Huzur says that according to the Holy Qur’an Jana is a state which is repeatable and is where people live within the Shari’a Law, and as long as these laws are not broken then the society will be dwellers of Jana. Hadhrat Adam(as) and Eve were forgiven for their sins but they still left Jana, not a place but they left peace as when people commit sin then everyone suffers a like. Laws come with every prophet, with Hadhrat Adam(as) only four injunctions existed none should be hungry, none should be left without water, none should be without dress and none should be without cover. Huzur is asked that Satan said he would come from the left and right, and from in front and behind but he did not say from above or below. Huzur says that this is because only God and his angels and all that God sends, only these things can come from Heaven above, but Huzur also says that it can not be said that Satan is able to descend. Huzur is referred to the Bible where it is written that Satan tested Hadhrat Isa(as) three times, Huzur is asked if this is true. Huzur says that all prophets of Allah are daily tested and every time they pass the test the better it is for them. 

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