Liqa Maal Arab
Liqa Maal Arab 9th August 1995
NaNh NaNm
9 Aug 95

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 69 Huzur speaks on homeopathic medicine. Huzur says that if you do anything to change the equilibrium of the body then there will be counter reaction, everything is not following a blind path but it is a specific system which the body operates under. Huzur then speaks of the outer effects of the body, for example if someone is being pushed from one side then the person is constantly exerting an opposite pressure in order to stay upright, as soon as that pressure is removed then the body will fall. The internal system is far more complex then that of opposing pressure, it is impossible for differences to work on their own everything follows a set path or pattern. It is not the same poison which treats the same disease, it only creates the impression to the body that they body is trying to be affected in one way. He body then reacts in its defence, and this system has been created only by God. Huzur says that homeopathy is a path which leads man only to God, and this is why God is much emphasised when Huzur speaks on this subject. The man who invented homeopathy became unhappy with medicine because when a person suffers a pain from anywhere in the body then an aspirin is given, but the aspirin only wipes out the consciousness that a pain exists. It suppresses the consciousness and lets the disease continue, this he said is not a good treatment. Huzur speaks of the different types of headaches, of which there are more than 101 possible reasons why the headache can occur. Also the man said that in the beginning only half a tablet of aspirin will cure the headache but then after that the intake needed continues to increase, but with every intake it affects other areas of the body for example the liver. Through this process of getting addicted to something and then the need being to increase the dosage, this is how he understood the area of addition. Huzur gives the example of eating chillies, if one is used to eating chillies then they can eat more than someone who is not used to eating chillies. It depends on what you ware used to, and it begins with small amounts and the amount grows as your body gets used to it. From this the inventor created the system to start to create a slight disease in the body then the body will react healthily, but a bigger disease will affect the body. To give chilli in minute doses to someone who is suffering from disentry then the chillies will react with the system and the body will become alert with its fight against disentry. If someone suffers from a headache then the poison given to the person will be a poison which will create a headache, this is so because then the body will react internally. The body will react as if it has beaten the foreign disease in the body and the body will become alert to that disease. Huzur says that he has tried homeopathic medicine for the last thirty years and says that he has found it to work logically and to work like the law of nature.

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