Liqa Maal Arab
Liqa Maal Arab 20th June 1995
NaNh NaNm
20 Jul 95

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 66 Huzur is asked if apart from Jinn if there any other creatures which causes problem for man. Huzur says that there is no problem between man and other animals because the other creations do not interfere with his life (mans life), if you don’t interfere with their life. The problem is only in the minds of the people who in their minds, they believe that they are Jinn and so they demand money from people to get rid of Jinn’s for them. The problem again rises with Shari’a Law and how far Jinn are commanded to accept a prophet, if Jinn have some kind of spiritual being then like angels the Jinn would be able to take on another identify. Angels can change shape when they appear before people, this happened to the extent that when an angle appeared before Hadhrat Abraham(as) then Hadhrat Abraham(as) mistook the angel for a normal human being. Jinn’s like angels can pass through walls, whenever a Jinn is seen then it is an apparition, the Jinn ahs no true shape. Jinn can not be expected to follow or accept any type of prophet or Shari’a Law, if the Jinn is a true person as some people believe, then the Jinn must adopt Shari’a Law and all that it entails, for example to marry and to pay Sadqa. The Jinn’s who came to the Holy Prophet(saw) and accepted Islam were actually true people, and they were a people who did not expect another prophet but they then accepted the Holy Prophet(saw). The people came at night because they did not want to be seen in that area, this is why they came late and left early, to avoid being seen. The Holy Qur’an speaks of a time when it will be possible to think of a way to travel across the limits of heaven and earth and to travel across. At the moment it is no where near possible, and so this verse is a prediction for the future age but not now. The Holy Qur’an also speaks of a time when man will be spilt into to people, the capitalist and the socialist, the big people and the common people and both these people will try to reach the end of the universe. It is now known that it will take 18-20 billion years, when riding the ray of light to reach the end of the Universe, but then by that time the universe would have expended even further and so it will never happen that we will reach the end of the universe. Huzur is asked why the Holy Qur’an mentions ears before sight. Huzur says that Allah is speaking of two sources of knowledge; this draws a line between the animal kingdom and the advanced species of life. In the evolution of life, the fist faculty granted to animals was hearing. whilst the sight came much later. Thos who can hear be who can not see can learn much more than one who can not hear. 

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