Horizons d'Islam
Horizons d'Islam
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30 Jun 14

Can we always interpret the prophecies literally?

If there is a possibility of sense understanding why not 

use it?

All religions use a metaphorical language when it comes to prophecies. 

Throughout the history of religion is often referred to be supernatural which are expected to come back or come down from heaven. But no one ever came supernaturally. 

Following the prophecies of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) can be deduced that Jesus Christ will return in the flesh?

Are the Messiah and the Mahdi two different people?

[1:50] Is it possible to use the wisdom (al-Hikmah) to interpret the signs?

[7:03] The Qur'an us he has verses that are subject to interpretation?

[12:38] How to interpret the prophecies based on wisdom?

[4:35 p.m.] How does God-sent prophets and in what form they appear in their second coming?

[10:05 p.m.] How to avoid misinterpretations?

[29:59] How to interpret the concept of Antichrist (al-masih al-Dajjal)?

[34:46] What does the hadith in which it is said that Jesus must return among Muslims?

[39:10] What are the achievements of Ahmad of Qadian as Promised Messiah AD?

[43:20] The Christian proselytizing was so influential that some imams converted to Christianity.

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