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26 Apr 16

Cllr. Hanif Khan presents the tenth live episode of the Bigger Picture discussing climate change with a panel of experts.  

Do you know how the world is being affected by Climate Change?

Everything is affected, from the smallest, most delicate flora to some of the biggest animals on the planet. Climate change affects the life, development and prosperity of everything.

Our team went out to ask you questions like, how is it affecting you? the way you live? where you live? Is it a concern for you? What do you know about climate change? Click on Public Opinion under the video to jump straight to the views of the public. 

We also ran a poll on twittter asking what you thought was the best way to tackle climate change.

Poll Results to Climate Change

The poll showed that renewable energy was in your opinion the best solution to climate change. To get involved with future polls folow us on twitter and give us your opinion. Follow us on @MTABiggerPic and look out for the poll run prior to the show. 

Quick Fact: Did you know that 16.6% of species are at risk of extinction due to climate change?   

A visual representation of the topic by our resident artist Masood

If you like this picture, make sure you follow us on instagram to see all the other great pictures produced during the show. Follow us @MTABiggerPic and don't forget to use the #MTA_TBP.


Episode Conclusion

Clearly our understanding of climate change has improved however there is still debate on whether we have realised too late. It has certainly taken a long time for us to fully understand what needs to be done. The science of today has confirmed that climate change is a reality and something that we need to face up to now rather than later. 

Positive action is being made in reducing our carbon footprint and minimising the risk of global warming for future generations. Big corporations are now investing Billions in re-newable energy.  We are learning how energy efficient we need to be, from insulating our homes to being careful about how much fuel we use in our motor vehicles.

With programmes like The Bigger Picture discussing Climate Change and governments acknowledging its importance whereby the Paris Agreement being signed by 175 UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE (UNFCCC) members clearly climate change is an issue we must all understand and learn about.

It is now up to us to make changes in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint.

We must ensure that earth’s resources are used with care.  After all the planet is our home. 

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