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What is Virtual Reality and why is there so much interest
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7 Jun 16

Cllr. Hanif Khan presents a live programme in English, discussing contemporary social issues with a panel of experts. This episode was aired live on 7th June 2016.


The programme is a discussion about Virtual Reality and why after nearly a quarter of a century it’s become an important medium for more and more industries.

The promise of Virtual Reality has loomed large over the world of computing for at least the last quarter century, but it remains largely unfulfilled. While science, architecture, medicine, and the military all rely on Virtual Reality technology in different ways, mainstream adoption, in our lives has remained virtually nonexistent.

Since the acquisition of the virtual reality company Oculus in 2014, by Facebook, there has been renewed interest, even excitement  in such technology.  Things are changing.  There is increased encouragement for people to share information and experiences with friends using the Internet and the Web.


What if we could feature historical events in such a way that people could actually experience them again and again, forever more, with the opportunity for future generations to experience what we might experience today. What equipment do we need to experience virtual reality and what’s in-store for us to experience it right now.


We also ran a poll on twitter asking what were most excited about Virtual Reality.


Poll Results of Virtual Reality




You'll probably never go to Mars, swim with dolphins, run an Olympic 100 meters, or climb Mount Everest. But if virtual reality ever lives up to its promises, you might be able to do all these things--and many more--without even leaving your home.  Exciting experiences will be within reach, just a click away.


A visual representation of the topic:



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Episode Conclusion

2015 saw us enter a visual reality revolution, an exciting burst in technological advancement. Virtual reality is now not just a new concept, it’s a fast developing reality in a digital world. By 2020, TrendForce estimate that the VR market will be worth 70 Billion dollars; roughly the current value of Uber.

What if we really could replay historical events so that people could experience them again and again, revisit events that shaped our lives today or even give us a very real glimpse into what life may be like in the future, even on other planets.  If Education, Training, medical research,  the search for new sources of energy, all fully embraced the technology, what would our world look like? Would we look at our world differently, what would excite us, what would give us hope and how might we map out the future?


International collaboration in virtual reality, sharing ideas, driving towards new technological horizons for a better world with greater prosperity and opportunity for everyone.   These are the aims that leaders in the industry are working towards.  Governments are looking to harness such  technological advances for the benefit of mankind.

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