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Huzoor's Mulaqat With Students | UK | 28th February 2021
0h 47m
28 Feb 21

A virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Khuddam Waqfe Nau students from the UK. Recorded on February 28, 2021.


Q1: What can a waqfenau medical student do to become a good doctor for Jamaat? 

Q2: What would you suggest a medical doctor to specialize in? 

Q3: Huzoor I am in the final year of studying architecture, I need Huzoor's consent for doing apprenticeship? 

Q4: Is it mandatory for wafenau to confirm their waqf at the age of fifteen? 

Q5: Can waqfenau do part time jobs? 

Q6: Can waqfenau join business? 

Q7: Waqfenau who are studying and also doing Jamat work, what is their prioty? 

Q8: Huzoor after completing my Masters , do I present myself for full time or part time waqf? 

Q9: In these difficult times, graduates are not getting any jobs. Is there any prayer for this? 

Q10: Which sacrifices waqfenau can render that are accepted by Allah? 

Q11: Some waqfenau ask that Huzoor advices to join civil services, can Huzoor explain this? 

Q12: Those waqfenau who are studying life sciences, which field should they choose, research or teaching?


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