Gulshan-e-Waqfe Nau Khuddam
Huzoor Ke Saath Tulaba Ki Nashist - Jamia Qadian 2021
1h 4m
17 Apr 21

A class with the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper), and students of Jamia Ahmadiyya Qadian. Recorded on April 17, 2021.


Q1: Most of the population in India are Hindus. How can we propagate the peaceful teachings of Islam to them? 

Q2: Promised Messiah (as) has not approved of life insurance but in some jobs it is mandatory. What can be done in this situation? 

Q3: After your trip to India in 2005, there was a lot of improvement in various departments and Qadian became more beautiful. When are you visiting again? 

Q4: It is every Ahmadi's desire that Huzoor knows him personally. How can I make that possible? Q5: Alongside Jamia studies, how can we improve our mother tongue? 

Q6: In some of the rural areas in India there are not much resources and mostly people are farmers and are in the fields. How can we preach to them? 

Q7: Was there any difficulty in your life that seemed really hard and how did you get rid of it? 

Q8: Every day Huzoor receives thousands of letters for prayers, how are they presented before Huzoor and despite Huzoor's busy schedule how do you read them? 

Q9: How to get pleasure in namaz and emotions in prayers? 

Q10: What is the role of Moon citing committees in present scientific era? 

Q11: Most of the non-Ahmadi Muslims are quite regular in their prayers but have very low morals. Why is this? 

Q12: It is our final year of Jamia Ahmadiyya, after finishing how can we start service for Jamaat?

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